Natural Branding© tech obtains the ‘Solar Impulse’ award


Natural Branding©  tech obtains the ‘Solar Impulse’ award, Laser Food, the Valencian company’s laser marking, has been recognized for contributing to the protection of the environment and providing economic profitability to the agents involved. It was in 2006 when Laser Food, a company located in the Science Park of the University of Valencia, began to develop Natural Branding© technology, an industrial alternative to the traditional labeling of fruits and vegetables that do not require any type of input.

Laser Food’s Natural Branding© can help both producers and retailers improve their environmental credentials and it’s cheap for the simple reason that the system eliminates the need for wasteful paper labels, inks, glue and only uses light.

Due to the usefulness of its technology and its commitment to the environment Natural Branding© has received the ‘Solar Impulse’ seal, promoted by the Solar Impulse Foundation and the World Alliance for Efficient Solutions, a global alliance that brings together the world’s leading companies, as well as the world’s main public institutions and various NGOs. The Natural Branding© tech obtains the ‘Solar Impulse’ award award recognizes it as «one of the 1,000 efficient solutions in the world,» according to the organizers.

Affordable, clean and environmentally efficient
For Jaime Sanfelix, «This label is a great recognition of the company’s 15-year track record of innovation in the field of environmental improvement, creating the Natural Branding© solution and spreading its use among the major players in the sector.

At Laser Food we not only improve processes in the industry to which we provide our solution, but we also do it with a clean and environmentally efficient technology. That is the importance of this seal and what it recognizes».

Laser Food’s solution aims to reduce the amount of paper and plastic waste generated by the agri-food sector by eliminating adhesive labels on fruits and vegetables, as well as plastic packaging of these products. This is achieved by means of a laser light that makes a permanent mark directly on the fruit skin. The mark is permanent and neither affects the fruit nor its shelf life. There is no ink, no coloring agent, no paper, no glue, nothing in the process. Just light. Thanks to Natural Branding, it is possible to trace fruits & vegetables from producer to the table of the consumer. Because the mark is permanent, it is possible to identify produce without relying on plastic packaging.

Through this innovative system, «Laser Food contributes to reducing the carbon footprint of labels by 99.9%,» says Jaime Sanfelix, CEO of the company. In addition, «the cost of labeling 1,000 pieces of fruit with Natural Branding© is 0.5€, that is, 0.0005€ per piece, so this technology, in addition to being sustainable, is also affordable,» he points out.

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